Valley Voices: The Lift Every Voice Mural Tour

Following the death of Georg Floyd and protests against police brutality, “The Lift Every Voice Mural Tour” was created through a collaboration with DJ Kay Rich, Dulce Upfront, and several local artists. The mural tour, which is located downtown, was [Keep Reading...]

On Bernie Dropping Out

I was half asleep when I reached for my phone. I needed to see what all the buzzing was about. This particular Wednesday I had no meetings, no obligations, and quite frankly, I was irritated that I was woken up before I needed to be. Reaching for [Keep Reading...]

South of Shaw

All of my friends know I can’t get around town without Google Maps. I don’t memorize street names, but I do have markers that signal me where to turn. I know I’m heading toward my friend’s house when I pass by Clovis East. I know I’m going toward [Keep Reading...]