Black Lives Matter Day

Fresno mayor and city council made a proclamation on June 18, declaring it Black Lives Matter Day. Black Lives Matter Day will be annually recognized by the City of Fresno. The day started with a street mural project and concluded with the [Keep Reading...]

On Bernie Dropping Out

I was half asleep when I reached for my phone. I needed to see what all the buzzing was about. This particular Wednesday I had no meetings, no obligations, and quite frankly, I was irritated that I was woken up before I needed to be. Reaching for [Keep Reading...]

When hate came knocking

On May 12 Miguel Arias was confronted at his home by a right wing group with ties to the Proud Boys. The group was led by Ben Bergquam, who is known in the Central Valley community for inciting violence at rallies and marches in order to record it [Keep Reading...]

South of Shaw

All of my friends know I can’t get around town without Google Maps. I don’t memorize street names, but I do have markers that signal me where to turn. I know I’m heading toward my friend’s house when I pass by Clovis East. I know I’m going toward [Keep Reading...]