Miciah Alyssa Garcia is a local artist & digital content producer. Her heart is to uplift the voices of the marginalized & oppressed in her creative work. She believes in the work uSpark is doing for the community & supports with digital content creation.

uSpark Valley is an independent, fact-based media project covering Central Valley politics for Millennial and Gen Z residents.

Millennial. Locally raised, Fresno State grad. Likes mushrooms, disassociating, and Dungeons & Dragons. Dislikes cilantro, washing the dishes, and the patriarchy.

Diana Gallardo is a proud daughter of immigrants. A current student at Fresno State and a graduate of Fresno City College. She first became involved in politics during her time on the Fresno Youth Commission as representative of District 1.

Daughter of African immigrants. Born on the east coast, raised on the west. I think ranch is gross - but I pour my milk before the cereal, so…who am I to be making calls on what's the correct way to enjoy meals?

Anyone who wants to engage in some Discourse™ on cereal, general social issues, or just chat can find me on Instagram.

Hi, my name is Jason. I am a video teacher and filmmaker based out of Fresno, CA.

Kingsburg City Councilwoman Jewel Hurtado is a Mother, Student, Vice President of Fresno County Young Democrats, and holds a seat on the Fresno Democratic Central Committee, District 4. Her passion lies in creating safe spaces for youth, members of the LGBTQ+ and doing so without leaving behind our rural communities. Her goal is to empower young people and show them that their voices matter and that they have the power to make a difference.

Sophia Bautista is a Fresno City College alum and a rising senior at UCLA. She was a community organizer for March for Our Lives Fresno and the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

Visual Storyteller and Community Correspondent // There is beauty in your story