uSpark Valley is an independent, fact-based media project covering Central Valley politics for Millennial and Gen Z residents. Using video segments and social media, we aim to give you the facts and context you need to take action. uSpark covers stories with a focus on how young people can — and do — transform the places we care about.

We do have values as an organization that inform our reporting, including: 

  • We deserve to live in healthy and safe neighborhoods. 
  • We deserve a voice in decisions that affect us. 
  • People of color and other marginalized groups deserve fair and accurate representation.
  • Young people’s voices should be represented.
  • Inform the public about avenues for civic engagement and community representation. 
  • Fact check the independent reporting we share.
  • Cover topics, elections and politicians critically.

**A special thank you to Aaron Frisby for providing photography for our website.