Young People Taking on Local Politics

Photos by Jennifer Emerling Update: In February 2021, David Paredes was accused by several women of sexual and emotional abuse. Paredes was serving as Fresno DSA co-chair and resigned. Fresno DSA conducted an investigation and took action against [Keep Reading...]

Black Lives Matter Day

Fresno mayor and city council made a proclamation on June 18, declaring it Black Lives Matter Day. Black Lives Matter Day will be annually recognized by the City of Fresno. The day started with a street mural project and concluded with the [Keep Reading...]

On Bernie Dropping Out

I was half asleep when I reached for my phone. I needed to see what all the buzzing was about. This particular Wednesday I had no meetings, no obligations, and quite frankly, I was irritated that I was woken up before I needed to be. Reaching for [Keep Reading...]